Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Street Captions

This is the place where I'll post street captions. Each image with its own storytelling content of the lives of the persons I pictured. The street has a funny way of presenting the world to us, if you look at it the right way every person can tell you a whole lot of details about their lives with just one look that I try to capture and show to you. Enjoy and give feedback if you wish!


Baby awaits

The sign reads: "The sexiest offers"

Today as well?

Win-win situation

The title in the paper reads:"Irinel, do you really believe that MONI IS ON DRUGS"

Junk? Not junk...

The shadow of a past love

Woman's day flowers. Dude, where's your flower?

The camera of the day

"Access allowed just for the clients of the Mall during work hours" - "Come to vote"

"Me against the world"

Let's move it!

Loving in the rain

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Proiectul CEVA este o idee de-a lui Bogdan Cazacu prin care incearca sa scoata in evidenta diverse fenomene din viata de astazi. CEVA se intampla mereu si CEVA e tot timpul undeva. Story-ul facut aici este dintr-o dimineata noroasa de primavara (care ar fi putut la fel de bine sa fie si de toamna) si spera sa reliefeze banalitatea si omniprezenta CEVA-ului.