Monday, 30 June 2014

Padis - Apuseni Mountains/ Padiș - munții Apuseni

And here they are...the mountains of legends, the mountains of the old outlaws, the mountains with the most scenic landscape...but forget about all that! These are the mountains I like to call "home".
BEWARE! Visiting them may cause severe damage to your heart, which has the side effect of never ending wish to return there over and over again :)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Secrets of Sureanu Mountains / Secretele din Munții Șureanu sau Munții Orăștiei

These are the mountains where you can find the most famous dacian fortresses and cities. These fortresses lived up to the Roman empire, the dacian people inspired them and raised their interest in more than one way.

The Sureanu mountains are filled with beautiful sights but this is not what I'm going to talk about in this article, this is about what else is in these mountains: history, treasures, secrets and mystical hypothesis.

Presentation for The Art Guest-House / Prezentare pentru Cabana Art

Short presentation of the Art Guest-House with images of the surrounding places that are worth a visit in the area: Apuseni Mountains, the Vartop-Arieseni Resort.
Have a nice view!:)
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Filmulet de prezentare al Cabanei cu tot cu locuri de vizitat si activitati din zona in care se afla aceasta: Muntii Apuseni, statiunea Vartop - Arieseni.
Vizionare placuta! :)
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Monday, 23 June 2014

Hasmas Mountains / Munții Hășmaș

This small group of mountains is located in the eastern carpathians of Romania, near Gheorgheni and the Bicaz gorges. The area is filled with beautiful places to visit, unfortunately, the Hasmas Mountains are not so known by the tourists, I don't know why, 'cause they are quite a piece of jewelry to see!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Ciucas Mountains / Munții Ciucaș

These mountains who's name is famous for the beer brand Ciucas produced here, they are, according to me, a photo-heaven. Why? There is not a chance that you walk 10minutes without wanting to photograph something. The view is amazing, the rocky formations are so bizzare and so attractive that you can't quite get your eyes filled with them, actually, you can't decide what to admire, the rocks, the valley, the horizon, the light, the shadows? What?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Nadăș - the deserted village

This little village, still isolated from civilization is well-known for its ability to re-enact from its own ashes. Its history shows us it was first inhabited 750 years ago its first proprietary's documents dating since the XIII-th century then named Nadașd.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Open-air theatre in Timisoara on Fest-FDR 2014

The TNTm - Teatrul National Timisoara - has delighted us with its surprise during the dramaturgy festival this week, ended on the 16th of june 2014.
Between all their shows performing in the same time in different locations, they had 4 groups performing in open air in the central square of Timisoara with some beautiful acts.

Groupo Puja, the first one to perform, coming from Spain has thrown many hypothesis as a crane showed up for their play in the central square. The Group performed a beautiful dance in the sky in a show that left many with their mouths opened due to its music, its uniqueness and its amazing synchronized dancers in the sky. The show is inspired from Lewis Carol's "Alice in wonderland" and is called DoDoLand. The music of Groupo Puja was also worthed the time and even more, I would buy the disc as it turned out to be, as someone in the Square said, a combination between Nightwish's type of music with the voices and musicality similar to the Phantom at the Opera.