Monday, 24 August 2015

Lost in time near the Dragan Lake

Wondering around the country you get to see quite a bunch of interesting places.
We found one like this recently, not just interesting but Heavenly-looking, you can almost get the feeling of hearing angels singing if you take a moment to enjoy the views.

It's on the Dragan Valley in between the Cluj and Bihor counties, high up in the mountains.

Monday, 15 June 2015

A bit of fresh air!

 I'm inlove with trees and since it's summer, the heat is overwhelming for us all and the only ones giving us some cool fresh air are the trees. So I decided to make an article about them.

They give us everything. Starting with air, coolness, shade and a place to rest on.
What do we have to offer in return? We should offer some love and care ...but lately, everything they are getting from us is disrespect.

Friday, 13 February 2015

When human meets nature, nature meets human's heart

Time goes by and the world is changing, to the good and to the bad... actually depends on how you look at it.

To me, it's both. But when you see the world today, it gets you thinking; the real world, not the one we're trying to create through humanization of everything. The real world is the one that gave birth to us as a species, the world where no buildings existed, where no factories polluted the air, where no trees were cut to the extent of deforestation of a whole mountain, the world where waters were pure and every animal was healthy...that is the real world!