Monday, 15 June 2015

A bit of fresh air!

 I'm inlove with trees and since it's summer, the heat is overwhelming for us all and the only ones giving us some cool fresh air are the trees. So I decided to make an article about them.

They give us everything. Starting with air, coolness, shade and a place to rest on.
What do we have to offer in return? We should offer some love and care ...but lately, everything they are getting from us is disrespect.

I am very furious with what's going on in the world and how many forests and trees and green-spaces are being destroyed with absolutely no judgement.

There are many movements from outraged people and non-governmental organizations to raise people's interest into this and pull the plug from destructing companies and governments, unthoughtful laws, and yet this isn't really happening; as with the hour tens of thousands of trees around the world are being put down.They aren't unlimited, you know? At some point, they'll be extinct.

What do we get from that? Devastating weather, floods, storms, hurricanes, impossible heat, and the list may continue with hundreds of down-points.

Don't you feel the heat in the summer (and not only) is too hot? Don't you feel the sun is burning stronger in the winter too? Don't you know how much the leaves help us? Well, they do most everything for us. Cities without nature are doomed. Cutting down everything makes polution higher, the sunrays will reflect more from the cement and glass in new city buildings and will highten the temperatures in the city with 5 degrees C at least. That burns! Burns the remaining nature, burns us, that's why so many people get sick, that's why we can't breathe, that's why we get allergies, blood problems, blood pressure, heart failure. That's why everything is dusty and rusty.

Ah trees, poor guys, they were always there to support us, to help us breathe and evolve. They kept us safe from storms and thunders, from becoming pray to animals and from freezing to death on this planet. They were there since the beginnings and they were our biggest support. We owe them everything. All living creatures owe trees everything, trees and water, and the loving planet's atmosphere.

Don't you love the fresh air? Don't you love the sparkling sound of the wind through the branches in the sunrise or in the sunset? Don't you feel cared for when you have plants around? Don't you realize they were feeding us since the beginning of time?!? They were our guarding angels.

Trees are the essence to us, to our existance and to Earth's heart. We will never make it without them, and they will always make it without us.
By the point when we'll truly acknowledge what we're doing, we'll be toast...but they, they will live on, regenerating and building a newer planet, for someone who maybe deserves it more than we do. Sad, but true. They were our home, and all living beings' home and cutting them down, cuts us down; it ruins all the balance in the world making life extinct, moment by moment. Think about that!

Here's Mother Nature Speaking:

If you like it, there's more here.

Now, if you feel this too, if you cherish them as much as you should, help us keep the planet alive and save the forests, save our lives, save your own live and spread the word, do something, start here:

Here's a few things done locally, involve yourself! It's your life we're talking about too:

Here are some international movements:

 And this is what we do to the trees instead of cherishing them:

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