Friday, 13 February 2015

When human meets nature, nature meets human's heart

Time goes by and the world is changing, to the good and to the bad... actually depends on how you look at it.

To me, it's both. But when you see the world today, it gets you thinking; the real world, not the one we're trying to create through humanization of everything. The real world is the one that gave birth to us as a species, the world where no buildings existed, where no factories polluted the air, where no trees were cut to the extent of deforestation of a whole mountain, the world where waters were pure and every animal was healthy...that is the real world!

The amazing thing is that, so far, no matter how many horrendous things we have done as a race, no matter how bad we screwed up, the real world is still there, it survived and it outlived our ancestors... but it's getting smaller and sicker by the minute. And even so, its power is greater than ours, it will do what it has to do in order to stay alive, there are signs for that everywhere and we'd better just accept it and try figuring out how to live our lives without destroying anything anymore before we end up killing ourselves. I'm not worried about the real world anymore, I know it'll put his head up and move on just like it did millions of years ago.

But one of these signs that it's still alive is that there still are some villages, some remote human establishments, where people respect nature; and near those establishments, incredibly near to them, there are yet wild animals living and trying to accommodate with our loud and disrespectful presence. 

I found some of these amazing places and it was a thrill to my heart and to my eyes. Rural life should not evolve like the cities did, we should not take the western model and we should definitely not change our attitude towards the lands that we have held for millennia. We have the true ways of nature in our blood, we should make sure to resurrect them and live by them, like our ancestors used to.

These animals outside the villages just sit there, look at you, and ask themselves: "Who's that looking at me? Why is she here?! Doesn't she know it's my land?"

But what do I do? I just smile! I smile because it makes me happy to see they are still surviving out there, live and kicking! They are the things and beings we should protect, cherish and love; not hunt down to extinction or destroy their homes through deforestation, we shouldn't even put them in cages. Not even human prisoners are put in cages for their whole life like we do with animals at the zoo. Human prisoners can still get a grasp of air in the courtyard of the prison or make a phone call to a loved one. What can an encaged animal do? It dies of loneliness and abasement.  That's what happens. And with them, we shall to. It's just a matter of time, because they keep the environment working for us. What do we do?Just mistakes...

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