Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Some truths about living in the countryside

Hey there! So, you think that living in the countryside sucks because you're isolated, dusty, they don't have much technology and all? Guess what? Ain't true! Below I will show you a few moments and benefits of living in the old rusty, dusty, creepy countryside. ;)

Starting with the beginning, yes, you are away from the city. Why is that bad? It's not! You can have your piece of silence, you have peaceful neighbors but you can also have loud parties inside or outside the house with no-one to protest against it because, hey, you only get 2-3 neighbors and they will probably ignore the party or will want to join. Can you do that in your apartment?

The clear air, that's a beauty! You won't feel any smog, any pollution or the smell of food from all neighbors cooking in the same time!

You think country-side smells like shit? Yes, sometimes it does, but so does your bathroom once in a while. Difference is that this shit is the product of your future meat! The cows and pigs who make it will become food for you. Is that more tolerable? :) No? Ah well, than I'll tell you the truth, a correctly made barn with a proper outdoor place to dispose the defecations of the cows and pigs in order to create fertilizer for your garden won't smell that bad! ;) Plus, that makes you live a bit more Eco, 'cause I'm sure you're tempted to live Eco, right? Yes, from time to time, you have to clean up some shit, real shit, but hey, that's a biological need for all living beings, isn't it? You clean your own shit, don't you? Well...animals need help on that.

 These big and small smelly animals are also cute and caring, in case you are asking. They attach to you as being their owner and they will surprise you with some small affection gestures that you'll start to recognize. Just like dogs.

Ah, yes! DOGS! You can have your dogs happy living inside but mostly outside and running, exercising as much as they want for here, the fields are big! You can have as many cats as well, 'cause, umm...well, they are cute and purr and also keep the mice away! ;)

Ahh, another good thing: you can also have chickens that give you fresh eggs, tasty eggs as well! You have your milk and if you wish, you get your own home-made cheese as well! That's some taste you can't even imagine without having eaten this before!

 The deal with having animals in the house-hold, other than them being cute, is that you have fresh meat, fresh eggs, fresh milk and more. Doesn't sound so bad does it?At least at the moment this is a big plus in living on the countryside of Romania, in other countries you have various limitations on doing so.

What other? The garden of course, you get to grow your own food that actually HAS TASTE, unlike the one in the supermarkets. Try eating something grown in the country side without growing-assistants, trust me, it's priceless!

Practically, let's put it this way: the supermarket is in your back yard! Of course, you have to work for that a bit more than you do at home, but putting all the time you spend shopping in the city and getting there and back home in a year, by taking care of some animals and your garden, you would probably surpass that time by a few hours and it's a very big difference on the outcome you get. Anyway, that's just a choice, you can chose to shop from the supermarket or from your neighbors that have animals and vegetables.

Beside all this, your kids can grow up happy and free, with clean lungs and healthy air, learning to play outside and keeping an athletic body and sane life-style and doing some cool stuff the other kids don't: learning the cycle of life, how to cook meat, how to light a fire, how to chop wood, how to live in the outdoors and how to care for each-other. And they can run as free as your dog burning up all the energy that keeps you awake at night! Wouldn't you like to do the same? You can! Of course, somebody might say you are crazy if he sees you, but well, who cares? It's your land, your life, your choice! ;) Enjoy that!

And there are also other home-made goodies you can enjoy that in the city, you can't quite have.

If you think that's it, it's not it! There's more: look at these landscapes, you can see that everyday instead of the average grey-brown apartment-buildings in town, you actually get to enjoy nature, the sun light, the clouds and the wind. It's not for nothing that Romanians say that "The eternity was born in a village".

Now the technology problem. Dear friends, there is no technology problem, technology is everywhere, you have internet, cell-phone coverage, satellite TV channels, TOILETS (unlike some Guide-books of Romania in the foreign lands specify), so...what's missing?
Let me tell you there's nothing missing. And something else I forgot mentioning: you can go hunting and fishing nearby very easily, as pheasants, wild rabbits, wild ducks and fishing places are found everywhere around. Of course, you have to pay the fees to the Hunter's Association or Fishing Association in your area in order to be allowed to do this, but's a big deal.

Your job you might say? Well, true, there aren't that many jobs in a village but you can always go to city to work, it's probably 40mins ride right? How long does it take you to get to work normally? 40min? :) See? No difference. Plus living in the country side, you can also earn money off your house-hold by selling meat, eggs, milk, cheese, vegetables, fruits, depends on what you like to grow around the house!  Second plus, you can work online as the freelancing businesses start taking so much advance and they are being paid quite well. And if you're bothered by the idea that country-side people aren't that well raised or schooled, you're wrong again, they learn more than city people in school and they learn other practical stuff that we don't. They actually get to be far smarter than an average city-guy because they use their brains in more ways from a far earlier age, they get in contact with more things and situations and they have to adapt and improvise. Of course there are some exceptions in the smartness you'd say, to lend credit to the rule! :)

So, what do you think? Is it that bad? I'd say it's a dream! You get the feeling of  being on vacation on a daily basis but you can have both work and vacation, depends how you feel. Can't wait to find a land of my own and move out of the city!

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