Saturday, 25 January 2014

Beautiful, isn't it? Beauty is a state of mind

...You hear that once in a while: someone might ask you about something, someone or someplace: "Beautiful, isn't it?" What do you say? "Well..."

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder or that tastes are not discussable but what I think is that beauty is just a state of mind. Actually it's a reflection of both the state of mind of the viewer as of the subject he/she is admiring. 

If we're talking about how someone sees the nature or the environmental space he is in, well, then it's just a reflection of his own state of mind, of his past feelings and, maybe, it's because he has broken the bond with nature.

They say that a mother with a newborn child is radiating, glowing happiness, beauty and love.

They say that a couple in-love is a beautiful couple, also, they say that an ugly person is also a bad person, that implies that a beautiful person is a good person? 
Neah, I think that's not the case but what I do think is that when you have a fresh state of mind, open to what surrounds you, when you enjoy the moments you are living and when you think about something nice (nice to you, of course) THAT makes you look beautiful, happy, serene. 

It happened many times to pass thru town and not notice anything beautiful because I had things on my mind and it otherwise happens that in 5 minutes you see so many things that you can't count them. 

Some people say that nature, the mountains aren't beautiful, that Romania isn't beautiful. Our country is superb dear friends, it has everything, if you can't see that, actually, if you can't feel that, it means you are having bad negative thoughts, bad ideas or bad impressions bec
ause everyone who comes here once and actually travels in and through the country, said it's amazing. Do you know why they see it and we don't? Because when you're in a holiday you will be happy thinking you are free wherever you go and excited about what you'll do, that's the way a holiday starts and that's the way it ends if something horrible doesn't come around your way.
Try that on your own, try seeing beauty when you have a bad state of mind and try seeing it when you are at peace with yourself, happy or at least content, go in the same places and you'll rediscover them. 

There is beauty in everything and in everyone, it's up to them and you to bring that out. ;) 

We, the humans, we have a strong connection with nature, with Earth and with the weather. We have been living in harmony for thousands of years, the clouds were guiding us, the wind was giving us news. The sounds of nature were telling us the seasons and the sun was caressing our faces gently to guide us around the world and show us all its majestic wonders. Do you think that these things, the sun, the woods, the seas and the skies deserve to be treated as bad as they are today? They are here for us and they were protecting us since forever. They die, we die.
So if you say nature (in all its forms) doesn't induce feelings to you, any type of feelings, than I would might have lost your humanity. Better go find it!

                                          (images from The Apuseni Mountains - Romania)

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