Wednesday, 12 March 2014

What city people tend to forget

We live in the city and our everyday life tends to make us forget where we are and what other things are out there that could matter to us and help us have a  better life.
That's nature, silence, a place for meditation and self awareness...these things you find quite hard in a city but you can find them easily walking out of it for a day or a few hours. The images below are taken in a village 1 hour away from Timisoara.

It started as a getaway day from the city but it put us on our feet. Being there for a few hours, in the silence of the landscape with a few hills around a beautiful blue sky with cloudy foam, the animals that walk around the village freely and the kids playing like we remember our childhood made us feel more peacefull, calm and serene.
This is the kind of life you can't have in a city nowadays, these are things that should matter more and that we should give more attention to everyday because we're so lost in our jobs, in shopping what we need, getting more money, finding more clubs that we actually ignore the major need of our soul to just take a break, breathe, enjoy and cherish the world, the nature, what we have and what others, many others, don't.
The rural life of Romania is not so active, not so fancy, not as far as adrenaline-full the city life is, probably not as sterile as the city life as well, but that's what teaches people to cherish each other, themselves and what the earth and nature have for us: the gift of serenity.
What the Romanian people have always had and enjoyed and also cared for is the land, the interaction between their lives and the products of the earth. This is what we have in our blood, what has always made us stay here and be happy and this is what will keep us here, keep us alive. Try to value that more in the future, try to aknowledge where you/we are coming from and what we need.


 Images and text Copyright Dana Marza &Tudor Buzle

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